This Air Fryer Is At Its Lowest Price Ever On Amazon

This Air Fryer Is At Its Lowest Price Ever On Amazon

Air fryers and countertop convection ovens are popular kitchen appliances for a reason. They can speed up and even automate preparation for a variety of meals and dishes, saving time and offering a convenient way to get dinner on the table quickly without engaging with a hot, enormous oven that can take forever to heat up and, in some cases, yield unpredictable results.

The only downside is that they tend to be small, holding tiny amounts of food and sometimes requiring multiple batches to be made (which only makes your cooking time longer). Luckily, that’s not the case with today’s deal.

We just spotted a stylish, well-rated air fryer and convection oven hybrid device from customer-favorite brand Gourmia for a mere $59, which is over 50% off its list price and the product’s lowest price ever on Amazon, according to our price-tracking data. And its 24-liter interior size can fit an entire 12-inch pizza or up to six slices of bread.

We appreciate the unique French-door design of this appliance — it’s something we don’t often see in air fryers or convection ovens, and it offers some curb appeal to the otherwise functional appearance. (You can also monitor the contents of the oven more easily.)

Thanks to its 1,700-watt heating element, it promises to heat food up to 30% faster than a traditional oven, and comes with a fry basket, oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray to streamline the preparation of a variety of meals.

The versatile machine offers a total of 17 preset cooking functions for streamlining meal prep at any time of day. We mentioned its generous interior size, but at 17 inches in width and a little over 11 inches in height, it also won’t swallow your countertop alive.

Overall, it’s earned a 4.4-star rating from over 700 reviewers on Amazon. See some of the most relevant ones ahead, or just scroll all the way down to nab this handy device for yourself at a steal of a price.

“Wasn’t sure I really needed one of these, but after being convinced by a friend with this same brand/style but larger size unit, decided to give it a try. While it may look smaller than an oven, it definitely holds a lot inside, and I have yet to ever fill my actual oven, so this makes a lot more sense. Heats up quickly and does exactly what it says it’ll do on multiple settings… I am very impressed – and I’m not even a fan of cooking anything… this totally eliminates the oven for 99% of anything I would usually bake in an oven, and it’s so much easier to use, quicker and no hot spots in weird places, like I have in the back of my oven. This replaces a much older basic toaster oven that did it’s job for what it could do, but now I have so many other options to work with, I’ve even started making new things I would have never tried before… Love it!” — MotoBella

“I love the capacity while it doesn’t take a lot of space on my counter.
I can use it for even larger casseroles. No need to use the big oven.
The doors open simultaneously, makes great toast compared to any toaster or toaster oven I’ve had.
Surprisingly low price.” — Azita Azadi

“Great smaller / medium multi-function oven. Appearance and function are *exaclty* as advertised.
So far, so good―love the “french door” opening and even heat. Easy to use, even with its many selections on the touch screen. Lightweight, no it gets warm on the outside pretty quickly, but with careful use and a good space around it (they recommend 4″ from other surfaces) it’s still compact and easy to use on a countertop.” — Rosscoman

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