TV from year 2000 goes viral as people react to shocking price

TV from year 2000 goes viral as people react to shocking price

A video from New Year’s Eve in the year 2000 has gone viral after people reacted to the shocking price of a basic analog TV.

The video, posted to @NostalgiaFolder on X (formerly known as Twitter), has already amassed over 50,000 likes.

In the video, a man takes his friends down to the basement for a “surprise.”

“I think you guys are gonna be amazed,” he said as he shows off his brand new TV, which he bought from Best Buy a few days earlier, comes into view.

A chorus of “woahs” can be heard as the camera edges closer to the analog TV in its bulky, familiar glory.

His friends, clearly impressed by the TV, were quick to ask how much it cost him, commenting that it must’ve been around the $10,000 mark.

“It was kind of near that price, well, half of that, about,” he chuckled.

Comments quickly flooded in, discussing how times have changed, and reminiscing about the old analog TV.

A video from New Year’s Eve in 1999 of a man showing off his new TV set to his friends has gone viral.

“It’s crazy to think mine is like 3x bigger than that, displays in 4k, and barely costed $250,” one person commented.

“Aww! It really puts it into perspective though how drastically and quickly technology has changed & improved though. That was really not all that long ago, all things considered,” said another.

Others pointed out how heavy TVs used to be back in the day, commenting how difficult it would’ve been to carry down to the basement.

TV screen from 2000
The man in the video revealed he paid about $5,000 for the the TV set at the time.

The vast difference in price between the TV in the video compared to modern TVs was also a point of discussion.

“Bruh got scammed. All he had to do was wait another 10-12 years to get on sale at goodwill. $45 MAX.”

Other clips from the same video have been posted in the comment section, too, with classic Nokias being showcased, and predictions of flying cars by 2010 being thrown around.

One of the men in the video added that in the future, there would be cameras in our retinas.

Now, 23 years on, we’re still waiting for both flying cars and retina cameras, and analog TVs are practically non existent.

Other videos from the same account are sure to bring back a flood of memories for Millennials, with everything from early 2000s Windows XP backgrounds to overhead projectors documented there.

A video showcasing the release of the Playstation 2 has sparked similar reminiscent discussions, with people describing how they remember the release “like it was yesterday.”

“I remember being a kid and seeing Final Fantasy 10 graphics and wondering if they filmed everything because the graphics looked so realistic. Looking back it’s absolutely comical how cartoony they look,” one commented, while others chimed in that it was a simpler time back then.

During the video itself, a man was asked outside of Best Buy why the Play Station 2 was worth waiting up all night for.

“It’s the entertainment system of the future. Not only does it play video games, DVD movies, CD’s, but it connects to the internet. And we all know the internet is now and forever,” he said, adding that the graphics are “dramatically” better than anything he’d seen.

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