‘Israeli Revengers’ threaten Knesset, kin over alleged Oct. 7 failings

'Israeli Revengers' threaten Knesset, kin over alleged Oct. 7 failings

A group ominously calling itself “Israeli Revengers” is threatening to harm members of Israel’s government and their families over the Jewish state’s alleged failings in preventing the Oct. 7 massacre.

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has confirmed that several representatives and their relatives have received frightening letters from the previously unknown organization.

The group appears to identify itself with the symbol of a red fist coming out of a black Star of David and says it seeking to avenge those killed in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack by hurting the families of government officials who allegedly failed to recognize the signs leading up to it.

“We will locate one of your family members whom we will manage to harm without being discovered,” said one of the letters received by a family member, according to a translation by The Times of Israel.

Several Knesset members and their families have received threatening letters from a group calling itself the “Israeli Revengers.” TallyGotliv/X
The group blames Israeli leaders for failing to stop Hamas on Oct. 7. AFP via Getty Images

“We believe that the blame for Oct. 7 largely lies with the coalition … of whom almost no one was harmed on a personal or familial level by this war,” the missive said. “An attack on you is a fair price for each Member of Knesset to personally pay.”

The group’s tagline reads, “Jewish revengers, never forget!”

The group also claims it has already enacted revenge against the “family members of Palestinian terrorists” and that now is the time for them to target Jewish people they believe responsible for the attacks, too.

Knesset representative Tally Gotliv, who received one of these letters, slammed the group for the threats made against her and her family members.

The Oct. 7 massacre saw more than 1,200 people killed in Israel and more than 140 kidnapped. AFP via Getty Images

“The ‘Revengers’ organization explains to me that it may eliminate me, but it has ‘principles’ and it will not eliminate my entire family. They will leave a symbol of the organization next to each body,” she wrote on X.

The group and the letters are being investigated by Israeli police and Shin Bet investigators.

Israel is already probing the government’s response to Oct. 7 and the events that led up to the Palestinian terror group Hamas’s horrific massacre that left more than 1,200 people dead and more than 140 others kidnapped.

Israel is currently investigating alleged shortcomings that allowed Hamas to launch such a large scale attack on it Oct. 7. REUTERS

The attack launched Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. Since then, reports have surfaced that before the attack, Israeli intelligence gathered evidence of an impending terror assault from Hamas but that the warnings were dismissed and deemed “totally imaginative,” as authorities did not believe the terror group could be capable of such an invasion.

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces said it would soon begin its own investigation into how the military has acted during the Gaza war, including the alleged shortcomings leading up to Oct. 7.

The IDF said it will make decisions on recommending dismissals or resignations only after the investigation concludes, with the findings set to be made public.

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