Five former Buccaneers playing in Super Bowl LVIII

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Five former Buccaneers playing in Super Bowl LVIII

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Chiefs OT Donovan Smith’s eight seasons in Tampa Bay might’ve been a bit long-lived. Smith contributed to a Super Bowl win in 2020, but he was also somewhat notorious for being a drive-killer and committed several penalties at seemingly the worst times possible.

According to PFF grades, Smith had a few good seasons with the Bucs. However, it was downhill in his final season with Tampa, which has bled into his first season with Kansas City. Smith received a 58.1 PFF grade in 2022 and a 55.4 in 2023. This puts him among some of the worst offensive tackles in the NFL.

Not to mention, he finished No. 11 in penalties this season among OTs. This continues his four-season streak of finishing top-15 in penalties among OTs since 2020.

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