Woman Lets Her Middle Finger Do The Talking At GOP Official

Woman Lets Her Middle Finger Do The Talking At GOP Official

A woman in Oklahoma clearly had enough of Ryan Walters, the state’s far-right school superintendent, as he went off on an extended tangent against trans rights.

Walters tried to get in all the right-wing trigger words at once as he slammed a “radical, woke, activist judge” who he said is “pressuring” school districts to change birth certificates of trans students to match their gender identity.

“We see a lot of this coming from the Biden administration trying to force dictates onto our states and onto our individual schools,” Walters said.

The woman sitting in view of the camera ― who had been shaking her head and using other body language as Walters spoke ― let her middle finger do the talking:

The state’s board of education later voted to block districts from changing students’ gender on school records without permission from the board, KOCO News reported.

The full video was posted on Facebook by KWTV, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City.

The woman eventually spoke out during public comments, calling on the board to give teachers the support and resources needed to educate students.

Walters made headlines last year for claiming ― falsely ― that there was “a legitimate faculty meeting” where administrators had to decide if they should provide kitty litter to students who identify as cats, a popular urban myth in conservative circles.

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