Target Dropped New Owala Water Bottles For Valentine’s Day

Target Dropped New Owala Water Bottles For Valentine’s Day

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There’s something especially exciting about snagging a unique limited edition design, whether for an item you already love or for something you’ve been wanting to try.

Whether you already know and love the Owala water bottle or are just finding out about this cult-favorite hydrator, you’re in luck. The brand is releasing an exclusive limited edition collection at Target just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The collection includes one 24-ounce and two 16-ounce styles featuring playful designs that promise to brighten your day throughout the entire year. As practical everyday items, the cups also make great gifts for loved ones.

The smaller 16-ounce styles are designed for kids, but I wouldn’t leave all the fun to the youngsters: The design is truly a delight, featuring candy hearts with sweet sayings like “be kind” and “true beauty.” I think they’d be great for adults to use on short jaunts when you really don’t need or want to carry around a large water bottle, or to use with that one backpack we all own whose drink holder is too small for your other wider thermoses.

And in case you haven’t heard yet about why exactly the internet is freaking out over the Owala water bottle, it’s thanks to the bottle’s superb coupling of function and quality.

The Owala’s features are truly impressive, and include a dual-function “FreeSip” drinking spout, a handy carrying loop and a hygienic covering for the mouthpiece. It’s legitimately and securely leakproof, so you can throw it into bags and backpacks and onto couches and car seats with glorious abandon and without having to worry about spills. Plus, it’s double-insulated to keep your drinks hot-hot or ice cold.

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