How Has Money Affected Your Relationships?

How Has Money Affected Your Relationships?

In relationships, money may be the most taboo of subjects. Yet it can evoke a world of complicated emotions: shame, envy, anxiety, pride, panic, trust, possibility. And it can create a host of tricky situations: the partner who earns more versus the partner who has to do more domestically (or the partner who does both); a welcomed feeling of financial independence after divorce; family members at odds over an inheritance; friendships or romantic relationships that feel out of balance because of a difference in class status.

We want to hear your true stories about how money has complicated or transformed your relationships. We are looking for particular instances when financial dynamics come to the fore, especially in surprising and unexpected ways. Tell us, in no more than 150 words, the way finances have informed the way you relate to others (or, perhaps, the way others relate to you).

We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your story for possible inclusion in an upcoming Modern Love project. (We’re asking for locations and age ranges to ensure this project features people from a variety of places and stages of life. We will not publish any part of your response without following up with you and obtaining your consent.)

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